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Model 2602P REAL-TIME Best Source Selector

Model 2602 32 Mbps Best Source Selector


The Model 2602P is a non-invasive, Best Source Selector, as opposed to a stream  Combiner, as many systems that are advertised as BSS systems truly are. The Model 2602P accepts input from multiple sources of mission telemetry data, continuously evaluates real-time PCM frame validation quality of all sources and, using operator specified strategies, automatically selects and routes the "best” sources to system output(s) for further processing.


An optional integrated multi-stream high performance programmable rate bit synchronizer configuration is available (Model 2602P-B). The 2602P-B option allows users to support both high performance front-end bit synchronization and source selection as a single integrated functional solution - yet both functional elements of the Model 2602P-B may be utilized independently when needed, with separate set-up and operating menus and multiple independently program selectable bit sync inputs and outputs.


Setup GUI and operational displays are presented to the operator by a high quality companion 1u dual slide deployable 17" LCD display and keyboard. System BSS status is logged to disk for post-mission analysis and reporting, with IRIG time code correlated annotation. The 2602P is available in three Models configured for 8, 16 and 24 input data sources, any of which can be ordered in the optional  Model 2602P-B multi-stream bit sync configuration to include up to 16 streams of Acroamatics new Advanced Digital Bit Synchronizers.

Includes Best Source GUI Software


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Why a Source Selector as opposed to a Source Combiner?

  • Multiple input group configurations : from 2 to 24 input streams

  • No limit to input channel numbers : from 1 to 24 streams accepted

  • Real-time : low latency (< 1 usec) source switching and routing

  • Non-invasive : no manipulation of data in the process

  • Modular - Flexible, small foot-print, remotely mountable signal I/O panel



Pictured above:

- 4u rackmount 2602P electronics chassis

-  1u rack LCD - Monitor/keyboard drawer

-  7u x 3" deep remote mountable signal I/O panel, and

- optional 3.5 inch tall remote LED status display.

Model 2618P Validation System



Model 2618P 32Mbps 8 stream PCM Validation System


Is your PCM data being decrypted correctly?  Does the stream you are receiving have the frame length and sync pattern you expected?  Are your digital recorders operating correctly?  Is your data signal noisy or clean?  The Model 2618P PCM Frame Validation System will monitor as many as eight independent streams, providing a quick visual indication of the signal quality of your PCM data and verification that the received data corresponds to the expected frame characteristics.


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Best Value Telemetry Format Validation


1/10th the cost of a full-up processing system

Pictured above:

- 1u rackmount, 8 stream 0-32 Mbps 2618P unit.

-  Not pictured, your networked host running 2618P
   set-up/status software.


Validate What You Are Recording
Pre and Post Mission


Model 2625P-CSVD PCM Encoded Voice Processing Unit


Model 2625P CVSD PCM Encoded Audio Processor

Combining proven hardware and software from Acroamatics industry leading line of high performance telemetry data processing (TDP) systems, the Model 2625P CVSD Telemetry Data Processor fills an important gap in range ground station mission operations support.

The 2625P ease of use, simplicity of design, and performance make it an obvious choice for processing and delivery of CVSD encoded audio data.

The 2625P provides a straight-forward, CVSD specific solution geared specifically to range telemetry ground station and test operations centers users.

Windows OS (7 or XP,) is used to administer unit overhead functions only.  Signal processing and output of processed analog audio data are performed in purpose designed, low latency card level processors. Integrated PCM simulation,  optional data storage and tunable 8 Hz to 40 MHz range quality Bit Syncs allow the user to scale their 2625P solution to precisely fit their needs.

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Chapter 5 Real-Time PCM Encoded

CVSD Audio Processor


  • Low Latency, deterministic PCM In/Audio Out solution

  • Embedded, card level processor

  • No Windows OS based processing or signal path involvement

  • Easy to set-up and use

  • Direct audio output and onboard speaker

  • Optional 8Hz to 40 MHz Bit Sync

  • Single and dual stream configurations

  • Network enabled

  • Small footprint

  • Modest price point

Pictured above:

- 1u rackmount, single or dual stream 0-32 Mbps 2625P unit.

-  Not pictured, your PS2 or USB Keyboard / mouse and VGA
   monitor, or networked host running 2625P remote SW.

Model 2680P Telemetry Receiver AGC Data Logging System


Model 2680P AGC Data
Logging System


The Model 2680P AGC Data Logger is a stand-alone system configured to monitor the analog AGC outputs from thirty-two telemetry receivers.  The AGC voltages are sampled using a National Instruments PCI-6033E DAQ card, which includes a multi-channel programmable A to D. The A to D has 16-bit converters with a composite sampling rate of 100K Samples/Sec and input voltage range of ±10V. The system also includes 2 rack mountable interface panels, cable adapter board with a rack mountable enclosure, and the cables necessary to connect these to the PCI-6033E card. IRIG time code option.


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32 Channels of Receiver AGC status monitoring and Logging in a single compact 3u solution!


Pictured above:

- 1u rackmount, 2680P unit,

- 3u AGC connector I/O panel

- 1u 17 inch LCD Monitor / Keyboard Drawer



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