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PCI Telemetry Products


NEW Model 1612P Single Board PCM Data System

Model 1612P Advanced 40 Mbps Single Board PCM Data System


-Single Slot PCIx TM Solution

- Real-time Decom & EU Processing

- to 40 Mbps IRIG Chapter 4, 5, 8,
  9, 10 & CCSDS or IP packetized

- 8 Hz to 40 MHz Bit Sync Option

- Integrated PCM Simulator

- Integrated Eight Ch 12-bit DAC

- Includes Powerful GUI based
  Acroamatics ATSS Software

- Includes Lifetime Software
  Updates and Support

- Integrated IADS, TMATS, &   
  LabViews Support


Windows OS & PCI bus independent embedded card level real-time TM processor! The Newly designed Model 1612P is a third generation, true low latency "real-time" advanced single stream baseband PCM processing solution. Delivered complete with our Windows GUI set-up and operations support software suite (ATSS).


The new 1612P supports higher data rates and processing speeds, with a range of new capabilities - yet retains 100% "drop-in" compatibility with earlier versions of Acroamatics industry leading PCI Telemetry Data Processing (TDP) family of systems, devices, and ATSS system software. The Model 1612P delivers true real-time program driven on-board processing of all types and forms of PCM telemetry - including IRIG Ch 4, Ch. 5 CVSD , Ch 8 1553, NASA CCSDS, packet protocol, embedded conditional and asynchronous formatted streams, and much more.


 Integrated mezzanine modules round out a modular and effective solution set to satisfy most telemetry front-end processing needs cost effectively, with no compromise in either performance or concern for future growth.


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Model 1612P Single Board TM Processor

New Model 1612P single card PCI real-time processing solution with companion
Model 474DM Advanced Digital 8 Hz to 40 MHz Bit Synchronizer Mezzanine

and included Acroamatics Telemetry Software Suite (ATTS)

   Irig Chapter 4 / 5 / 8 / 9 / 10  CVSD TMATS 


NEW Model 474DM 40 MHz Advanced Digital Bit Synch Mezzanine


Now 8 Hz to 40MHz ALL CODES




Model 474DM Advanced Digital Bit Sync Mezzanine


Features tunable data rates from 8 Hz to 40MHz for ALL codes, with noise, acquisition, and stability performance equal to or better than the best rackmount bit syncs on the market. The 474DM processes all IRIG standard and randomized codes and has a bit error performance better than 0.5 dB of theoretical, in all modes and frequencies of operation. Options include Viterbi, PCM Frame Sync / Verifier, and full function Bit Error Rate Test (BERT). Mounts to all Acroamatics single card Telemetry Processor Modules (1612P, 1602P, 1626P, 1502V) and mates with companion full size Model 1611P PCI bit sync to form a single slot high performance dual stream solution.


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Best in Class Noise Performance - Compare Yourself!

Options include Viterbi and fully functional BERT & Frame Sync Link Test

         Model 474DM mounting to               Includes Windows Set-up & Control
      PCI and VME host decom modules                     Software!


NEW Advanced Digital PCM Bit Synchronizer


Now 8 Hz to 40MHz ALL CODES





Model 1611P PCI 40 MHz Advanced Digital PCM Bit Sync


The Model 1611P Digital Bit Synchronizer is the latest generation of Acroamatics’ renowned family of bit synchronizer products - delivering an astounding bit error performance of better than 0.5 dB of theoretical, in all modes and frequencies of operation. Its fully digital design incorporates digital gain and offset control, FIR filtering, a digital phase locked loop, and numerically-controlled clock reconstruction. Implemented with a leading-edge FPGA, the new design results in a reduced part count, increased reliability, higher performance, better stability, and enhanced versatility for custom and future requirements.

The 1611P is tunable to accommodate rates from 8bps to in excess of 40Mbps (ALL codes) and supports the full range of options and customizable features users of Acroamatics bit sync products have come to expect. An on-card processor provides status of input amplitude, offset, synchronization, and even card temp and critical supply voltage status to the host interface.

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Best in Class Noise Performance - Compare Yourself!

Options include Viterbi and fully functional BERT & Frame Sync Link Test


Multiple program controlled inputs and decoder/encoder outputs



Includes Windows Set-up & Control Software, Drivers, and options including integration into of from one to sixteen bit syncs in a standard rackmount chassis

Programmable Data Stream Processor


Model 1605P Real-time Multi stream PCM Decom Data Distribution and Programmable Data Stream Processor


A PCI-bus companion board used with from one to eight new Model 1612P 40 Mbps PCM Frame Sync/Decom or 1602P PCM Frame Synchronizer PCI Telemetry Data Processing (TDP) system modules. Allows deterministic, real-time merging of PCM stream data from any or all of up to eight PCI  decom module plus IRIG time, HOTLink input, and external messages. The Model 1605P distributes ID-tagged data, supports complex data operations and real-time in-line EU / derived algorithm/user defined expression processing of stream data using the on-board SHARC™ DSP. The Model 1605P also supports archived data  reconstruction during playback through the TDP system and/or serialized output  of original data, amongst many other specialized networking, analog and discrete I/O, display, and data I/O processing management capabilities.


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No Windows OS or PCI process used in the real-time

signal processing loop



Includes Windows Set-up & Control Software, Drivers, and options including integration of from one to eight Model 1612P decoms into a standard rackmount chassis


A powerful PCI 64-bit Real-time Processing Engine Designed toExtend Acroamatics Powerful Real-time Processing Environmentto Connect up to Eight Acro Decoms into an Integrated, Deterministic

Real-time EU and Derived Processing System

  Irig Chapter 4 / 5 / 8 / 9 / 10  CVSD TMATS 

Single Board PCM Data System


Model 1602P Single-Board PCM Data System, O-32 Mbps

Stored program PCM frame synchronizer and data decommutator, capable of real-time decommutation of the most complex computer generated high rate PCM formats at rates to 32 MHz. Provides six sub-frame decommutators and two memories of 1 MB each, for instructions and data. Allows for the addition of two mezzanine cards, the 474DM PCM Bit Synchronizer module and the 470M Time Code Generator/Translator including a PAM/PCM Format Simulator.


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Frame Sync Verification Unit


Model 1650P Frame Synchronization Verification Unit

Updated - now supports rates to 32Mbps

Contains eight PCM Decommutators that are designed for PCM stream quality verification
rather than data processing. Each decommutator contains a minor frame synchronizer with a 64 bit pattern correlator, a 16 bit counter that counts the number of bits per frame, and a programmable synchronizer strategy providing Search, Verify, and Lock states. A programmable watchdog timer returns a decommutator to Search if the input clock is lost. You can read the status of each of the eight decommutators over the PCI bus to determine the quality of the input data to each channel.


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Unbelievably low cost multi-stream frame verification and PCM signal quality monitor

To eight TM  independently  & fully programmable independent frame definitions,
search/lock & sync strategies

Irig Chapter 4 / 5 / 8 / 9 / 10  CVSD

Multi-Stream PCM Quick-Look Processor


Model 1626P Multi-Channel Telemetry Frame Synchronizer and Quick-Look Processing

Updated - now supports low-latency real-time IRIG Ch 5 CVSD and PCM encoded Digital Voice processing and reproduction


From one to four 64 Mbps PCM frame sync/decom quick-look processing channels with onboard IRIG A/B/G translate and  0-64 Mbps Programmable Simulator - and even an optional onboard 8 Hz to 40 MHz tunable Bit Sync! The Model 1626P has many of the features of our high performance 1602P frame sync/decom, but in a design focused primarily on basic frame synchronization & decommutation applications. The 1626P introduces a very attractive price point and unbelievably compact form factor to single and multi-stream applications such as data recording & quick-look instrumentation analysis, where advanced realtime processing of complex data forms is not is a priority.


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From one to four independent PCM Decommutators, IRIG Time Receiver,
Programmable PCM Simulator on a single 2/3rd PCIx Card!


Includes Acroamatics Multi-Channel Frame Sync Software

Each channel fully programmable independent frame/word definitions,
search/lock & sync strategies

Irig Chapter 4 & 5, & ILIAD-Lite Enabled!

Time Code and Format Simulator

Model 470M Time Code/PCM Simulator Mezzanine


Generates and translates IRIG A, B, and G time codes. Generates all IRIG standard and randomized PCM codes. Generates complex formats with dynamic data and sub-frames.


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Low cost IRIG Time Code Receiver & Generator / Programmable PCM Simulator

Attaches to any Stream 1 Position Acro TDP system Decom card

Bit Synchronizer Mezzanine

Model 472M Bit Sync Mezzanine
Acroamatic's legacy tunable data rate bit sync module, supporting rates from 8 Hz to 32MHz for NRZ codes and 8Hz to 16MHz for all others. The 472M has been replaced by the Model 474DM.


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Digital to Analog Converter


Model 482M-8 Digital to Analog Converter Mezzanine
Mezzanine card for the PCI-bus 1605P. Provides a total of 8 channels of 12-bit D-to-A output. A 1605P card when equipped with a 482M-8 mezzanine requires only one standard PCI bus slot and chassis I/O opening


Model 482M-32 Digital to Analog Converter Mezzanine
Mezzanine card for the PCI-bus 1605P. Provides a total of 32 channels of 12-bit D-to-A output. A 1605P card when equipped with a 482M-32 mezzanine an additional two chassis I/O openings (three total) are required for connectors.


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Proven Low Latency, Deterministic DAC Output Processing



Plug-in mezzanine provides 32 12-bit DAC output channels for stripchart support,
with options for 32 Discrete Outputs and 16 Analog-to-Digital inputs to
any 1605P PDSP PCI module configured Acroamatics TDP system



Other PCI Cards

Other PCI and Mezzanine Solutions

Acroamatics counts among it's core competencies the ability to rapidly design and prototype application specific circuit card modules suited to a variety uses. Introduced during the course of 2010 alone were the Model 1611P PCI bit sync module, 474DM mezzanine bit sync module, and 750DM IP (Industry Pack) products, adding to the already long list of Acroamatics PCI and daughter card products. We have the capability to design and manufacture cards for specific applications and encourage our customers to come to us with custom requirements for quotation. In addition, existing Acroamatics designs are created with the idea of accommodating future adaptation to provide added capabilities quickly and cost effectively.




New Model 750IP-1

Triple Channel 0-64 Mbps PCM Simulator

3.9" x 1.8" single IP form factor

VME, cPCI, PCIx, PCIe, or PC-104 compatible

Model 2900 PCI Telemetry System


Model 2900 PCI Telemetry Data Processing System


The Acroamatics PCI Telemetry Data Processor (TDP) provides you with the processing power you need today, while preparing for expanded demands tomorrow. The TDP is built on a rugged, purpose designed PCI chassis, which is significantly upgraded to meet the demands of hosting a high performance real-time PCM processing and analysis platform.


Requirements ranging from one to eight input TM streams, from routine fixed frame format to extremely complex  dynamically changing formats, with any level of real-time processing, real-time data display and mission data recording all are satisfied by the Acroamatics Model 2900P TDP System platform. We can configure a turn-key Acroamatics TDP with exactly the features you require - from one to eight PCM streams, DACs, discretes, high-speed analog, receivers, network fed data, GPS timing, aircraft buss, real-time network client/server data operations and more.


Includes Acroamatics ATSS software


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Complete 1 to 8 stream


Telemetry Processing Solution



Bit Sync / Frame Sync / Decom

 CVSD / Data RecordPCM Simulator

IRIG Time/  DAC / Receivers

Ruggedized Portable PC Telemetry System


Model 3022P

Ruggedized Portable PC Telemetry System

Complete, turnkey, portable PCI-bus telemetry system. Features a 1602P Frame Synchronizer equipped with a 470M IRIG time translator/generator and format simulator plus a 472M Bit Synchronizer mounted in a  rugged PC chassis with built-in 19" LCD display and keyboard, the latest Intel processing technology,  configured with drive and memory options of your choice, along with your choice of Windows OS (Windows 7 compatible!).


Includes Acroamatics PCI TDP Software Suite


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PCI Telemetry System


Purpose Built Telemetry Solutions

We will integrate any and all of our PCI Telemetry cards into the PC of your choice, test it out and ship it to you as a complete system. Tell us your preferences and we will make a system just for your needs. Call or email us with your requirement


Includes Acroamatics PCI TDP Software Suite


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