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Model 521V VME Real Time Data Storage System

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  • High Performance Data Recording system

  • 20 Megabytes/sec

  • Dedicated Processor

  • Dual SCSI busses

  • 2 terabyte file system

  • Automated Data Search and Recovery

  • Data Buffer mapped into VME memory

  • HOTLink™ port

  • Includes cables and two SCSI disk drives



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The Model 521V card provides real time data recording by dividing the data stream into two streams, each with independent wide ultra SCSI buses so as to utilize the combined bandwidth. The SCSI buses are connected to hard drives (low voltage differential and as many as necessary for capacity). The Model 521V functions independently of the operating system. A sustained rate of 40Mb per second can be achieved. Two drives and necessary cabling are included. There are configuration limitations so consult with the factory prior to quoting. All Acroamatics documentation is supplied on CD-ROM.




Inputs Acroamatics A-bus or HOTLink™ (standard on Acroamatics Model 505VA Programmable Data Stream Processor and Models 1502V and 1602P Singleboard PCM Data Systems).


Output Dual Wide Ultra SCSI (Low Voltage Differential) busses. Supports up to fifteen drives per bus.


File System Custom, supports up to 2 terabytes of data, optimized for high-speed contiguous recording. File system may be divided into as many as eight variable-sized partitions for recording multiple missions. Partition may span multiple drives.


Time Stamp Recorded data time-stamped to facilitate recovery. Time stamp granularity is 1/10 millisecond.


Time Source On-board clock or IRIG time (when supplied by external Time Code Generator/Translator). Fail-safe "computed" time provided in case of source outage.


Processor On-board dedicated CPU functions independently of host processor. Includes dedicated I/O system and SCSI controllers. Host processor activity cannot degrade real-time data recording.


Recording rate Sustained 20 megabytes per second (approximate - depends on disk drives used) up to maximum size of file system partition.


Duration If configured with 30 (15 per SCSI bus) drives of 50Gbytes capacity each (approx. 1.5Tbytes total), it is possible to record a continuous 20Mbyte/second data stream for approximately 21 hours.


Automatic Records data independently of host processor. Incoming data stream is buffered, divided into two channels, time-stamped, and sent to SCSI controllers for recording on dedicated drives. Buffer Data Buffer is mapped into VME memory for access by VME host for recording or recovery. Supports all VME modes including D64. Buffer overflow during recording is unlikely, but will be detected and indicator set.


Recovery Data to be recovered may be selected by time-of-day or by offset from beginning of recording session. Original input reconstructed by automatically merging selected data from file system partition into single time coherent stream for copying to selected host peripheral or network device. Speed of reconstruction limited by host processor and peripheral.


Compatible May be installed in your existing Acroamatics Telemetry Data Processor (subject to VME slot availability).


Complete Includes controller, required cables, and two SCSI disk drives.


Technical Specs



Single Slot  6U VME

Cooling Requirements

30 Linear FPM

Power Requirements

+5VDC at 3 Amps


Operating 0 to +40°C, non-operating –40 to +86°C

Relative Humidity

Up to 90% non-condensing


Operating 6G, Non-operating 50G


Operating 0.5G, 5 to 2000Hz, Non-Operating 1.2G, 5 to 500Hz

specifications subject to change without notice

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