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Model 504V VME Data Distribution & Host Interface

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  • Merges eight PCM frame synchronizers, IRIG time port, and analog-to-digital port

  • Distributes ID-tagged data to four high speed data streams

  • Provides for up to 64K unique ID tags

  • Provides for eight devices on the Device Output Bus

  • Host DMA channel routes processed data to memory or networking devices

  • DMA supports continuous block transfers of up to 64K 32-bit words

  • VME compatible 6U card


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Technical Specs

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This card is the Data Distribution Interface, and is a core card of a TDP system. This card contains the data FIFO and the VME BUS DMA Interface, and contains the data token distribution system that is programmed to control each measurement in the data stream. It merges up to eight PCM frame synchronizers, IRIG time port and analog-to-digital port. The card has a Current Value Table that captures data passing through the system, and contains 128K 32-bit words of algorithm program memory. The Distribution Interface usually requires a Model 505V to process the data.




Input Bus
The Distribution System interfaces eight possible PCM frame synchronizers, an IRIG time port, and an analog-to-digital port. Two 32-bit words are multiplexed onto the bus and are queued to the Distribution System. The first word is the identifier that contains fine time, status, stream identification, and ID tag. The second word contains the data. The Distribution System supports up to 128k unique ID tags.

Distribution System
The Distribution System contains up to 256k 32-bit words of  high speed static RAM. The ID tag accompanying each data sample addresses the lower 128k block of memory. The content of the word addressed by the tag is called the vector and points to the start of the processing table located in the upper 64k  (256k optional) of memory.
The processing table specifies the data stream processor, the algorithm to be performed, parameters required to process the raw input, and the final destination. The ID, data, and processing instructions are transmitted to four possible data stream processors across the bi-directional, 32-bit Distribution Bus.

Device Bus
Each stream processor performs a comprehensive set of algorithms for processing both floating point and integer data. The results of this processing are placed on the Device Bus. The Device Bus interfaces output devices such as: digital-to-analog outputs, digital discrete outputs, a feedback port to the Distribution input, and a VME Host DMA channel. The Device Bus supports up to eight output devices.

Host Interface
The Host Interface provides controls for single stepping and running the Distribution System and 505V Programmable Data Stream Processors, as well as outputting and receiving data on the Device Bus. The Host DMA channel provides a data path where processed data may be routed to memory and networking devices residing on the VME bus. The DMA circuitry includes bus master logic that supports continuous transfers of up to 64K 32-bit words.

Technical Specs


Input Bus Bandwidth

4M ID/Data samples per second, or 8M 32-bit words per second

Distribution Throughput

4M ID/Data samples per second without processing

2.6M ID/Data samples per second requiring processing

Device Bus Bandwidth

4M 16-bit data transfers per second

DMA Access Time

166ns from bus grant to falling edge of data strobe

DMA Recovery Time

115ns from rising edge of data acknowledge to data strobe falling



Single Slot  6U VME

Cooling Requirements

30 Linear FPM

Power Requirements

+5VDC at 3 Amps


Operating 0 to +40C, non-operating 40 to +86C

Relative Humidity

Up to 90% non-condensing


Operating 6G, Non-operating 50G


Operating 0.5G, 5 to 2000Hz, Non-Operating 1.2G, 5 to 500Hz

specifications subject to change without notice

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