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Model 503V VME Time Code Translator/Generator

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  • Generates/Translates

       IRIG time codes A, B, G

  • Resolves time to microseconds

  • Simultaneous time code generation and translation

  • Translate Carrier mode

  • Translate Failsafe mode

  • Slow Code output

  • BCD time-of-year available to VME host


  • Optional A-to-D conversion

12-bit conversion

16 inputs, expandable to 32 inputs

Single-ended or Differential Common mode


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Technical Manual

Program Manual


Technical Specs

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The Model 503V Time Code Translator/Generator accepts IRIG A, B, or G code directly so that a system can be configured without the need for an external translator unit.  When installed in a Model 2220V//2220V TDP, it also serves as the IRIG A, B or G time source (in generate mode), and generates its own digital time base for data annotation.   The 503V can operate independently as a VME based Translator/Generator. Time-of-Year can be read from VME bus accessible registers. All Acroamatics documentation is supplied on CD-ROM.


Technical Specs



0.5 to 20Vpp, Single-eneded


12K Ohms minimum

Input Codes

Translates IRIG A, B, and G

Input Frequency

12.5Hz to 400,000Hz

Modulation Index

2:1 through 5:1


Program selectable: Normal or Invert

Leap Year

Selectable leap year enable resets days to 1 after 366

Internal Time Base

20MHz crystal oscillator



Time is generated from onbaord crystal oscillator and is presettable from VME Host. Program selectable multiples of 4, 2, 1, 1/2 and 1/4 realtime.


Time is read from an external source

Translate Carrier

Internal timing is based on input carrier, enabling the system to translate time as the input carrier rate varies during playback of an analog recording.

Translate Failsafe

Internal timing is phase-locked to the input carrier. In the event of time dropout, translator continues generating time without interruption. Time is resolved to microseconds for input code formats. Program selectable.

Frame Bypass

Automatic frame bypass compares previous time frame with current time frame and updates time accumulator when they agree.


Parrallel Time

BCD time-of-year, days through microseconds, supplied to VME Host and telemetry hardware. Time and status information are captured and suppiled to the VME bus as four 16-bit words. Two 32-bit packed time massages are delivered to the telemetry hardware at one second and one millisecond intervals.

Generator Output

Program selectable IRIG time codes A, B, and G. 2.5V balanced output, 10mA drive current, Modulation Index 3:1

Slow Code Output

Bi-Level BCD encoded time-of-year format. Four selectable frame rates:

1 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, and 1 min. Output levels: baseline=0.5V, zero mark=2.5V, reference mark or one mark=4.8V.



Sixteen inputs with option for sisteen additional (32 inputs total)


10V peak-to-peak full scale


100K Ohms, Single-ended or Differential Common-mode


12-bits, two's-complement output


0.25 of full scale


LSB, or 0.025% of full scale

Sampling Rate

Individually programmable: 50Hz to 500,000Hz




Single Slot  6U VME

Cooling Requirements

30 Linear FPM

Power Requirements

+5VDC at 1.25 Amp


Operating 0 to +40C, non-operating 40 to +86C

Relative Humidity

Up to 90% non-condensing


Operating 6G, Non-operating 50G


Operating 0.5G, 5 to 2000Hz, Non-Operating 1.2G, 5 to 500Hz

specifications subject to change without notice

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