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Model 500V VME Programmable PCM/PAM Simulator

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  • Generates complex formats with dynamic varying data and subframe capability

  • Performs asynchronous frame insertion and format switching

  • Eight dynamic and 1024 static data sources

  • Tunable from 1 to 25Mbps

  • Programmable 1 to 32 bit word length

  • Programmable MSB/LSB word orientation

  • Selectable parity generation

  • Generates all IRIG standard and ramomized PCM codes

  • An onboard analog-to-digital converter generates simulated PAM signals

  • Standalone, VME compatible 6U card


User's Manual

Technical Manual


Technical Specs

Software & Drivers



The Programmable PCM Simulator (FSIM) generates complex formats with asynchronous or embedded sub-frames at data rates from 1 Hz to 20 MHz. It has two 16-bit binary counters, two external words, a 16-bit program counter, and two 4k by 16-bit RAM memories. The FSIM has 1024 static and eight dynamic data words that can be used anywhere in the frame format. The FSIM generates all standard and randomized codes. This card is a stand-alone device and can be installed in any VME system as a PCM or PAM data simulator. All Acroamatics documentation is supplied on CD-ROM.


System Software


GUI Setup and Operation Status for the 1502V is controlled via a single interface with drop down menus.

Technical Specs


Bit Rate

1Hz to 25MHz, Tunable to 0.1% of programmed rate

Data Sources

1024 Static Registers Two User-Defined Dynamic Data Memories

Two 16-bit Modulo Up/Down Counters

Two 16-bit External Inputs

16-bit Pseudo-Random Generator

16-bit Program Counter

Word Lengths

Programmable for each data source

Static data words range from 1 to 32 bits

All other data sources range from 1 to 16 bits

Word Orientation

Programmable MSB/LSB for each data word

Parity Generation

Selectable odd/even, leading, trailing or no parity for each data word

Dynamic Data Memory

2K RAM, Presettable to ramp, sine, triangle or square wave functions, or user-defined input. Selectable data type:

1s Comp., 2s Comp., Sign Mag. and Off. Binary. Programmable time base.


Format Storage

Stores two complete, selectable PCM formats

Performs asynchronous frame insertion and format switching

Subframe Capability

Generates up to three subframes within the mainframe

Subframe can be generated within a subframe

Frame Length

Maximum of 4096 words for each mainframe and subframe



 0 Clock, TTL Compatible

Two outputs are available from front panel

Six outputs are available from P2 Connector


NRZ-L Data, TTL Compatible

Two outputs are available from front panel

Six outputs are available from P2 Connector

PAM Output

 2.5 Volts balanced output, 10mA drive current

PCM Output

2 Volts balanced output, 40mA drive current

Two outputs are available from front panel

Four outputs are available from P2 Connector

Output Code Type

Sixteen selectable output codes: NRZ-L/M/S, Bi φ-L/M/S,

DBi φ-M/S, DM-M/S, MDM-M/S, RNRZ 11, 15, 17 and 23



Single Slot  6U VME

Cooling Requirements

30 Linear FPM

Power Requirements

+5VDC at 1 Amp, +12VDC at 300 mA, -12VDC at 100 mA


Operating 0 to +40C, non-operating 40 to +86C

Relative Humidity

Up to 90% non-condensing


Operating 6G, Non-operating 50G


Operating 0.5G, 5 to 2000Hz, Non-Operating 1.2G, 5 to 500Hz

specifications subject to change without notice

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