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Model 2900P Advanced PCI Telemetry System

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Model 2900AP


Eight Stream + Real Time Telemetry Data Processor

  • Powerful new Acroamatics Telemetry Software

  • Advanced new 40 Mbps Digital Bit Synchronizer

  • Advanced new 40 Mbps PCI Decom Module

  • Advanced new 7MS/sec System EU Processor

  • Integrated new low latency IRIG CVSD Output



  • Windows OS independent Multi-Stream real-time TM data processing

  • Dynamic "Change on the Fly" capable PCI Module based software decom

  • Functionally dedicated card based micro-coded processors

  • 8 + independent PCM inputs to 40 Mbps each

  • Modular and Scalable

  • Receivers, bit syncs, real-time card level decom and advanced stream processing

  • Real-time data recording and playback

  • Programmable multi-stream PCM simulation

  • Integrated TMATS & IADS support

  • Choose from a wide variety of storage, signal I/O, and networked communications options

  • New 40MHz Advanced Bit Synch Mezzanine Module

  • Win 7 Compatible

  • Remote Management and Client Data Services

  • Quick-look tab, chart, and list based Data Displays




Technical Specs

Software & Drivers

User Manual

Rear Panel




 System Products



474DM Advanced
    Digital Bit Sync

470M IRIG Time
    Code / PCM Sim

1612P Advanced
    Single Board PCM

1622P Advanced
    Single Board PCM

1615P NEW Low
    EU Data

482P Digital to
    Analog I/O Module

1611P Advanced
    Digital Bit Sync

1626P-CVSD / Voice
    Data Module

1626P Multi-Channel
    TM  all-in-one card

2425 DAC



-     From single to eight stream, real-time merged telemetry processing

-     Windows Independent card embedded low latency Decom & EU processing

-     New integrated Acroamatics TMATS translator

-     New integrated Acroamatics IADS Server manager

-     New purpose designed lightweight aluminum chassis

-     New compact removable RAID, SSD, & HDD options

      Much more ....


The Acroamatics PCI Telemetry Data Processor (TDP) provides you with the processing power you need today, while preparing for expanded demands tomorrow. The TDP is a rugged, custom designed all-steel (Model 2900P) or sturdy lightweight aluminum (Model 2900AP) PCI chassis built expressly for the purpose. The Model 2900 is scalable to effectively accommodate requirements ranging from one to in excess of eight independent high rate data streams (with high performance tunable bit synchronizers), IRIG time, voice, to eight PCM simulators, and more.  The Model 2900P TDP family is suited to tasks ranging from simple quick-look validation to extreme real-time processing demands, with powerful integrated data display, recording, and interfaces supporting networked TM data analysis and test management tools such as  IADS, Matlab, TMATS, and LabViews. A system can easily be configured with precisely the hardware interface, storage, data I/O configuration, and host processing potential you require. By combining high-performance analysis tools, processing cards, and specialized 3rd party RF, video, and aircraft data bus interfaces from Acroamatics many qualified partners, we can design exactly what you need, configured as you want, with the assurance of dealing with a single source calling on over 40 years experience in the field.


System Software


Acroamatics supplies, bundled with each system, our Acroamatics Telemetry System Software (ATSS) GUI software setup and mission  telemetry operations toolkit that simplify all aspects of set-up, management, and operation of the system. An important advanced feature of the entire software suite for the Telemetry Data Processor is that all components of the software can run on any PC located on the network.


Full-featured Windows 7/XP Pro compatible ATSS software includes wizard based/GUI mission hardware decom, display, networked communication, recording and advanced EU / derived processing setup and operations support. Mission set-up database support, single icon initiated mission system set-up, and support for "on-the-fly" bit sync and decom adjustment are provided by dedicated pull-down menu based utilities -  provided expressly for that purpose.


ATSS set-up and database manager software includes our own advanced TMATS interpreter, supporting system and processing database set-up from imported TMATS file data.


Popular DOD supported IADS display and processing data networking services are supported by our new Acroamatics IADS Client Data Manager (CDM) feature. Like our integrated TMATS interpreter, integrated IADS CDM feature is an application expressly written to provide users an automated interface in support of TDP decom data communications with Symvionics powerful IADS server environment.



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Optional 1U Keyboard & Display

Size:  19" Diagonal 
Resolution:  SXGA
Number of Pixels:  1,280 x 1,024
Active Area (mm):  376.32 x 301.056
Pixel Pitch(mm):  0.098 x 0.294
Mode:  B-TN
Number of Colors:  16.7M
Contrast Ratio(typ):  1000:1
Brightness(cd/m2):  250
Response Time(ms at 250)C:  <12.5 
Viewing Angle(U/D/L/R):  70/70/70/70
CCFT: 4 (2 dual)  
Connector: DB15, DVI or S-Video/Composite
Power Management: EPA Energy Star, VESA DPMS


Integrated in keyboard
Variable Resolution 20-6400 DPI
Tracking Speed 500mm/Sec
Two additional button mouse keys


PS/2 or USB connection
High quality gold crosspoint keyswitches
Tactile keystroke
20,000,000 lifecycles per switch
134,000 MTBF
Power: +5V DC @100 mA max
Synchronous 8-bit data



Utilizes only 1RU (1.75")
Lay Flat Design
Low Profile Keyboard w/ Trackball or Touchpad
Samsung 19" TFT LCD
1280 x 1024 Max Resolution
16.7 Million Display Colors
Dual Thumb Screw Locks

PCI Chassis


Standard 4U RETMA rack-mounted 12-slot PCI chassis. The Model 2900P is our standard chassis and features a built-in status display.  Standard internal chassis options include removable media disk drives (at least one is required), and a CD\DVD writer. Other internal options are available. Two front panel USB Ports support peripherals. See the product datasheet for more information.




Processor choices include high performance Intel processor based boards running Windows 7 or XP Pro operating system. The Model 2900P 12-slot chassis, with CPU card installed, will support up to 11 PCI telemetry and data acquisition circuit modules.


Technical Specs



Acroamatics Software Suite - II


GUI Interface


Operating System

Windows 7 / XP Pro

Configuration and Data Storage

Dual Removable 500GB (min) HDD Standard, Compact RAID and other options available







110 / 230 VAC, 4 Amp (max)


7" (4u) H x 19" W x 22.5" D, 46 lbs (2900P all-steel) or 34 lbs (2900AP heavy gauge alum)


Operating 0 to +40 C, Non-Operating -40 to +86 C

Relative Humidity

Up to 90% non-condensing


6G, Non-operating 50G


Operating 0.5G, 5 to 2000 Hz, Non-operating 1.2G, 5 to 500 Hz

specifications subject to change without notice

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