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Model 2500V Single Stream Telemetry Data Processor

Product Support

  • Includes Model 1502V Single-Board Data System

  • Powerful Processor

  • Remote Display software

  • Bit Synchronizer

  • IRIG time translator/generator

  • PCM format simulator

  • DAC outputs

  • Real-Time Data Storage System


Technical Specs



Model 2500V is the ideal choice for users requiring a sophisticated Telemetry Data Processor to process a single stream of PCM data. Housed in a low-profile rackmounted chassis, the Model 2500V includes an Acroamatics Model 1502V Single-Board PCM Frame Synchronizer, a powerful processor card, a 9Gb disk drive, and a front-panel accessible drive compatible with both 3.5” diskettes and 120Mb removable media.

Despite the compact size of the Model 2500V Single-Steam TDP, the chassis includes a spare VME slot capable of accommodating another VME card such as Acroamatics Model 501VA Bit Synchronizer, Model 521V Real-Time Data Storage Subsystem, or a VME digital to analog output card.

Remote Display software included with the Model 2500 allows you to perform both programming of the unit and display of acquired data from a remote PC (not included) via the standard ethernet interface.




The Model 2500V Single-Stream Telemetry Data Processor is a compact version of our famous Model 2222V Integrated Rack Mount Telemetry System. Model 2500V is ideal for telemetry users requiring sophisticated and flexible handling of complex telemetry formats in a single stream of PCM data. The 3.5” tall chassis provides three VME card slots, two of which are used by the Pentium-based processor card and the Acroamatics Model 1502V PCM Frame Synchronizer. The third slot is available in the standard configuration and may be used for other VME cards. The standard Model 1502V Frame Synchronizer provides PCM data frame synchronization and decommutation at rates up to 32MHz. Also standard are a 9Gb disk drive and a front panel mounted drive capable of utilizing both standard 3.5” diskettes and high-capacity 120Mb disk cartridges. Available options for the Model 2500V include the Model 472 Bit Synchronizer and Model 470 IRIG time generator/translator plug-on mezzanine modules which mount on the standard Model 1502V PCM Frame Synchronizer. The 472 mezzanine card provides functions similar to those of our Model 501VA Bit Synchronizer, while the 470V provides IRIG time code functions similar to those of our Model 503V, plus format simulation capabilities similar to those of our Model 500V. Standard options available for installation in the third VME slot include the state-of-the-art Model 501VA Bit Synchronizer, and the Model 521V Real-Time Storage System for high data speed recording. Other options, such as D-to-A converters are also available. Acroamatics’ Model 501VA Bit Synchronizer features tunable data rates from 8Hz to 20MHz for NRZ and Bi-phase codes, as well as 10Mbps Viterbi decoder options. The 501VA includes a soft bit decision (3-bit) circuit, is within 1dB of theoretical BER, and processes all standard and randomized codes. The Model 521V Real Time Storage Subsystem provides real time data recording by dividing input data into two steams, each provided with a dedicated Ultra 2 SCSI bus and disk drive(s). This VME card is equipped with a dedicated CPU which time stamps the output data streams for subsequent recovery by the host. Model 521V functions independently of the host processor and operating system to provide a sustained data rate of approximately 20Mb per second. Two drives and necessary cabling are provided with the VME card. DACs are provided by an optional VME card.


Technical Specs




104-125VAC (standard) 100/120/220/440 available; 47-63Hz, 3A max.


3.48” (8.84cm) H x 19.0” (48.26cm) W x 20.19” (51.28cm) D


Operating 0º to +40º C, Non-Operating -40º to +86º C

Relative Humidity

Up to 90% non-condensing


Operating 2G, Non-Operating 6G


Operating 0.5G, 5 to 2000Hz, Non-Operating 1.2G, 5 to 500Hz

specifications subject to change without notice

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