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Model 2220V Telemetry Data Processor

Product Support

  • Single or Multi-stream

  • Real-time Processing

  • Real-time Display

  • Real-time Archiving

  • Processor-independent

  • Programmable 32MHz Bit Synchronizers

  • Powerful 32Mbps Frame Synchronizers

  • Powerful in-line data processors



Software & Drivers



The Acroamatics Telemetry Data Processor (TDP) provides you with the processing power you need today, while preparing for expanded demands tomorrow. The TDP is built as a standard VME chassis, accepts the 6U card size, and uses open architecture processors and operating systems. Requirements that range from single to multiple streams, from simple to extremely complex formats, from limited to very extensive real-time processing, as well as real-time data display and recording, can all be satisfied by an Acroamatics TDP. We can design an Acroamatics TDP with exactly the features you require. By combining our own high-performance processing cards with optional 6U cards from other vendors, we can design exactly what you need, configured as you want, all from a single source.

System Software


Acroamatics TDP software includes GUI applications to set up and modify component configurations. You can also use validated script setups to program the telemetry front-end under a configuration control system. A Mission Management System provides automated configuration management. This menu system allows the you to simply select a set of validated setup scripts for each active PCM stream. You can control an entire acquisition from the Mission Management Menu, or you can control the TDP through one of the other menus, such as the Data Recording Menu.





Input cards connect to the Input Bus which carries data to the Model 504V Distribution and Host Interface card. The 504V identifies, tags, and forwards the data to other cards for further processing. The 504V also provides a VME bus interface to the VME host processor and other 6U cards. Real-time, in-line data processing is performed by one or more Model 505V Programmable Data Stream Processors. After processing, data is placed on the Device Bus for output or may be routed back to the Input Bus for additional processing. Your Acroamatics VME Bus

Telemetry Data Processor can be configured in many different ways to provide the wide variety of telemetry functions and capabilities required by increasingly demanding applications. Multi-stream systems with

complex formats requiring intensive real-time processing and high-speed data recording are easily assembled from standard Acroamatics cards. Additionally, available slots in an Acroamatics TDP can be used for many of the hundreds of VME bus 6U cards from other vendors. Configuring a system to meet your unique needs is simply a matter of selecting a chassis and populating it with VME cards.

VME Chassis


Two standard 12.5" RETMA rack-mounted 20-slot VME chassis are available for normal applications, with portable, shock resistant models available on special order. The Model 2220V is our most popular chassis and features a built-in 12" (diagonal measure) LCD display and retractable keyboard. The Model 2222V chassis does not include the built-in display and keyboard. Both models provide a total of twenty 6U card slots, a 3.5" diskette drive, and a CD-ROM drive. Standard internal chassis options include removable media SCSI disk drives (at least one is required), and a CD writer. Other internal options are available. Two front panel USB Ports support peripherals. For users needing to process a single stream of PCM data, our compact Model 2500V Single-Stream Telemetry Data

Processor may be ideal. See the product datasheet for more information.



A VME host processor card is required. Processor choices include Pentium-based boards running the Windows 2K operating system and SPARC-based boards running Solaris. Other operating system support may be requested. A twenty-slot chassis with a processor card installed will support up to nineteen VME telemetry cards.

VME Telemetry Cards


You can select a set of Acroamatics cards to process anything from a single PCM stream to eight streams of mixed PCM/PAM/Video

Doppler telemetry data simultaneously in a single TDP chassis. The following short descriptions of the functions provided by the

individual cards is summary in nature only. Not only do many of our cards already have other capabilities, we work constantly to add

new features. Please consult us for configuration verification before placing your order.

PCM/PAM Format Simulator (Model 500V)

Provides format simulation capabilities. Tunable from 1Hz to 25MHz, Model 500V generates complex formats with dynamically varying data and subframe capability. In addition to asynchronous frame insertion and format switching, it generates all IRIG standard and randomized PCM codes. Simulated PAM signals are generated by an on-board analog-to digital converter. See the product datasheet for more information.

PCM Bit Synchronizer (Model 501VA)

Provides complete bit synchronization capabilities. Offers tunable input data rates of 8Hz to 32MHz for NRZ codes, and 8Hz to 10MHz for all others. A Viterbi encoder/decoder is optional. Tuning resolution is 0.1% of input data rate and bit error performance within 1dB of theoretical is possible. All standard IRIG and randomized codes are processed. Up to eight Model 501VA cards may be installed in a single TDP chassis. See the product datasheet for more information.

PCM Frame Synchronizer/Decommutator (Model 1502V)

Frame synchronizes and decommutates a 0bps to 32Mbps PCM stream. Powerful on-card processing, one megabyte of program space, one megabyte of data space, sixteen program flow control flags, eight address registers, sixteen presettable packet length counters, six independent synchronizers, and a 16-bit CRC check provide advanced capabilities for processing complex data formats. Decommutation of IRIG-106 Chapter 8 embedded avionics data is greatly simplified. With 16-bit control and subframe ID words, a major frame may contain up to 65,536 minor frames. Packet decommutation (including CCSDS), data-directed format changes, sub-frames within subframes, and many other capabilities are available and do not require host processor intervention. Decommutated data can be output to the VME host via DMA, output to other devices via the included Cypress HOTLink™ port, or to the Model 504V for further routing. Up to eight Model 1502V cards may be installed in a single TDP chassis. See the product datasheet for more


Time Code Generator/Translator (Model 503VA)

Generates and translates IRIG time codes A, B and G. It resolves time to microseconds and can generate and translate simultaneously. It also provides a "failsafe” mode in case of time source dropout and a slow code output for annotating strip chart recordings. Optionally, it provides sixteen 12-bit analog-to-digital converters. See the product datasheet for more information.

Distribution & Host Interface (Model 504VA)

Provides routing and control information for Acroamatics cards communicating on the dedicated bus. Allows data merging from eleven sources, chosen from any combination of the four available (Models 1502V, 503V, 513V and 520V) input cards. The data is ID-tagged and then distributed to other cards such as the Model 505VA for additional processing. Also provides an interface to the VME host via DMA. See the product datasheet for more information.

Programmable Data Stream Processor (Model 505VA)

Provides extremely powerful in-line data processing. Equipped with an on-board 40MHz Floating Point SHARC™ processor capable of executing simultaneous multiplier and ALU operations in a single clock, this card can perform complex operations on telemetry stream data in real-time. An integral library of over 350 algorithms allows you to program the card to perform data format conversions, limit testing, data packing, table lookup, data scaling, output formatting, and many more telemetry processing procedures in real time. The Model 505VA is readily userprogrammable and processed data may be output to the VME host via DMA, output to other devices via the included Cypress HOTLink ™ port, or to the Model 504VA for further routing. Up to three Model 505VA cards may be installed in

a single TDP chassis. See the product datasheet for more information.

Digital to Analog Converter (Model 506V)

Provides 32 12-bit digital-to-analog outputs plus 32 TTL-compatible discrete output lines. See the product datasheet for more information.

Simulator/Reconstructor (Model 512VA)

Reconstructs or simulates a telemetry stream. Accepts digital data from sources such as stored archives, VME memory via DMA, or real-time data routed by the Model 504VA from a TDP input stream. Can reconstruct the original data stream to permit reprocessing of stored data, serialize the data to provide PCM simulator functions, or reformat data in the TDP input stream. Output may be spread over one to six output channels, reducing the effective bit rate per channel, and permitting transmission of high-speed telemetry data over multiple low-speed communications lines. See the product datasheet for more information.

Parallel Device Input (Model 513V)

Accepts input data from external devices such as other telemetry systems. Provides one 16-bit-wide bi-directional status/control channel and two 32-bit-wide input channels. See the product datasheet for more information.

Parallel Device Output (Model 514V)

Provides one 32-bit-wide (16 data plus 16 address) and three 16-bit-wide output channels. See the product datasheet for more information.

Video Doppler Processor (Model 515VA)

Provides an integrated Video Doppler processor. Extracts digital Doppler from the PCM stream at up to 600k samples/sec (300kHz). Analog data is normalized, filtered, and digitized with 12-bit resolution. An FFT processor converts the input arrays to produce Power Spectral Density output to a graphics display section. IRIG time and up to eight telemetry measurements can be added to the input data which can be concurrently output as rasterized plot data, graphics display data, or archived to disk. See the product datasheet for more information.

Analog Synchronizer (Model 520VA)

Decommutates PAM and PDM telemetry formats at data rates from 10 to 250,000 channels per second. See the product datasheet for more information.

Real-Time Data Storage System (Model 521V)

Provides the ability to record a continuous 20+ megabyte per second data stream in real-time. Data accepted from the VME host via DMA, from the Model 504VA, or from the included HOTLink™ port, is tagged, split across two on-board Ultra SCSI busses, and recorded to dedicated disks. After recording, the data can be selected using search criteria, recovered and then reconstructed automatically by the on-board processor. Data reconstructed by Model 521V and output to the VME host processor can be transferred to other standard drives, including network drives. See the product datasheet for more information.

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