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Model 1602P Advanced Single Board PCI Telemetry Data Processor (TDP)

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See the new Model 1612P "drop-in" replacement HERE






  • Potent Single Card Real-Time PCI Frame Sync / Decom Solution

  • Multi-Stream (to eight) synchronized 1602P TDP card configuration are supported, standard, with stream configurations exceeding eight independent decom operations allowed.

  • Powerful embedded processor handles the most complex formats, conditional processing, and "on-the-fly" format switching

  • Supports PCM data rates to 32 Mbps

  • 32-bit instruction words, Chapter 8 and CCDS packetized (i.e. CCSDS) data formats

  • Onboard Current Value Table and card direct programmable output formatting

  • Tandem HOTLink™ and Mutli-Cast networked data communications

  • Powerful Acroamatics ATSS Windows (7 or XP Pro) set-up and operating software, includes quick-look displays

  • Includes full feature integrated Acroamatics TMATS format interpreter and automated Acroamatics IADS TDP Display Client Manager

  • Optional plug-on modules

    - Advanced 40MHz Tunable Digital Bit Synchronizer (Viterbi)

    - IRIG time translator/generator/Programmable 0-64 Mbps PCM Format simulator


Program Manual

Technical Manual


Technical Specs

Software & Drivers

Supplemental System Products

474DM Advanced Digital Bit Sync Mezzanine

470M IRIG Time Code / PCM Simulator Mezzanine

Model 2900P Advanced PCI Telemetry Data Processing (TDP) System



The Model 1602P is a stored program PCM frame synchronizer and data decommutator, capable of real-time decommutation of the most complex computer generated, high rate PCM formats. The Model 1602P includes six embedded, micro-code programmed sub-frame decommutators with the ability to change program instructions "on-the-fly" to accommodate conditional format switching, embedded asynchronous frame structures, concatenated word extraction (single or multi-stream applications) and packetized (CCSDS, or future INET) encoded data types. The Model 1602P allows for the addition of two mezzanine cards, the 474DM PCM Bit Synchronizer module and the 470M Time Code Generator & Translator / Programmable PCM Format Simulator.


Multi-Stream PCM applications are easily addressed with additional companion 1602P Decom modules and included Acroamatics ATSS Telemetry System Software and BNC signal I/O cabling. All Acroamatics documentation is supplied on CD-ROM, and includes software application licenses, 12 month hardware and lifetime software upgrade/support warranties.
Possible Options

Model 474DM The 474DM PCM Bit Synchronizer is a recently released state-of-the-art Advanced design Digital Bit Synchronizer featuring tunable data rates from 8 Hz to 40 MHz for ALL codes and IRIG PCM format types, and supporting options such as Viterbi encode/decode and BERT link test.

Model 470M The 470M Time Code Generator/Translator &  Programmable PCM Format Simulator which combines time code translation and generation and advanced PCM format simulation capabilities on a single plug-on mezzanine module. The Model 470M generates and translates IRIG A, B, and G time codes and simulates all IRIG standard and randomized PCM codes, with programmable complex formats which include dynamic data and sub-frames.


Multi-Stream Systems The Model 1602P is a foundational element of the popular Acroamatics multi-stream PCI family of Telemetry Data Processing system products. Standard configurations support TMATS and IADS data exchange and networked processing standards, true real-time embedded card level PCM processing techniques, and powerful wizard based Acroamatics Telemetry System Software (ATSS) toolset.


System Software


Full-featured Windows 7 enabled Acroamatics Telemetry Software Suite (ATSS) software includes wizard based/GUI mission hardware decom, display, networked communication, recording and advanced EU / derived processing setup and operations support. Mission set-up database support, single icon initiated mission system set-up, and support for "on-the-fly" bit sync and decom adjustment are provided by dedicated pull-down menu based utilities -  provided expressly for that purpose.


ATSS set-up and database manager software includes our own advanced TMATS interpreter, supporting system and processing database set-up from imported TMATS file data.


Popular DOD supported IADS display and processing data networking services are provided by our new Acroamatics IADS Client Data Manager feature. Like our integrated TMATS interpreter, our integrated IADS CDM feature is an application expressly written to provide users an automated interface in support of TDP decom data communications with Symvionics powerful IADS server environment.


Technical Specs




Program selectable, one of four inputs: three NRZ-L

Data and 0º Clock inputs; one internal Test Pattern input.


50 Ohm input impedance, TTL compatible.

Bit Rate

Up to 32M bits per second.


Programmable, automatic polarity correction.

Word Length

Programmable, 1 to 32 bit word length for each input.

Word Orientation

Programmable, MSB/LSB orientation for each input word.



Selectable leading, trailing, or no parity checking for each word.


Mainframe Sync

Mainframe synchronization provides for programmable synch pattern and mask, complement pattern recognition, and variable length frame decommutation. The pattern may be up to 64 bits in length.

Subframe Sync

Six independent synchronizers are capable of decommutating sub-frames within subframes. Subframes synchronize to fixed recycle patterns, complement frame sync patterns, and various ID patterns. Both recycle and ID patterns may be assembled from multiple word locations. Recycle patterns may be up to 32 bits long.

ID Sync

Two types of ID synchronization are supported: JAM patterns of arbitrary values, and incrementing or decrementing frame counters with limit checking.

ID sync words may be up to 16 bits in length.

Sync Strategy

Programmable Search-Check-Lock sync strategy, bit error tolerance,and bit slip window provide reliable frame synchronization.

Asynchronous Formats

Subframe synchronizer may be programmed to decommutate embedded formats having unique frame sync patterns and format structures.

Format Switching

 16 testable flags store the results of bit or word comparisons on the input stream to control decommutation.



Data is available to the host computers as memory-mapped frame buffers or CVT or as a data stream selectably transferred by PCI bus DMA or HOTLink™.

Data is 32 bits with programmable MSB/LSB output word justification, sign extension or zero insertion for LSB output.

ID Tag

Unique ID tags may be assigned to each word: a total of 131,072 tags is possible. The 32-bit ID word includes ID tag, status, and microsecond time.

Frame Quality

Frame quality word is generated containing bit sync and frame sync status for downstream data


2 Serial PCM Outputs

Two programmably controlled RS-422 compatible

serial output channels are available.



Standard PCI: Full length single slot

Cooling Requirements

30 Linear FPM

Power Requirements

+3.3VDC @ 1.5A, +5VDC @ 1.0A, ±12VDC if 472M attached


4.20" (10.67cm) H x 12.5" (31.75cm) W x .55" (1.4cm) D


Operating 0 to +40°C, non-operating –40 to +86°C

Relative Humidity

Up to 90% non-condensing


Operating 6G, Non-operating 25G


Operating .3G, 5 to 2000 Hz, Non-operating .8G, 5 to 500 Hz

specifications subject to change without notice

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