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Range Simulation and Specialty Software   

Acroamatics TDP Remote Operation and Display

Remote Real Time Display and Operation Software enables all ACRO Telemetry Data Processor system products and  components to be accessed from any PC located on the network.


Acroamatics Bit Syncs and Decom devices located in multiple chassis may be set-up locally or remotely individually or in system channel groups without interrupting adjacent channel operations, providing operators the maximum utility in exploiting facility processing system assets in support of multiple simultaneous mission ground station operations.


Data services, decom  and PDSP (programmable data stream processor) set-up, status, and controls are accessed from the same familiar GUI's that are included in the Acroamatics Telemetry Software Suite (ATSS).



PCM Range Mission Simulator

Under the guidance of the ranges serving the nations most important ballistic missile defense systems testing, Acroamatics has helped develop comprehensive range safety telemetry and mission simulation tools to assure safety systems, real-time analytics, and data communications readiness. Our PCM Range Mission Simulator software utilizes standard Acroamatics PCM simulation, decom, processing and third party RF interfaces to provide a powerful, configurable turn-key solution to complex live range mission simulations exercises. Available in portable and rugged/airborne configurations.


CVSD - IRIG Chapter 5 PCM encoded audio


Our CVSD software utility supports standalone use of Acroamatics Model 1626P-CVSD or new 1612P decom cards, each of which supports on-board low latency CVSD PCM encoded audio data extraction and direct DAC analog output, while supporting all of the standard telemetry decom, simulation, time, and processing capabilities of each card.


CVSD support is offered standard within all Acroamatics TDP systems configured with the new Model 1612P Advanced Decom modules, and in the new purpose designed Model 2625P CVSD audio processing unit.




Diagnostics and Utilities


This software tool provides a simple to operate GUI to diagnose the complete line of  Acroamatics Telemetry Data Processor Systems and Cards. Testing is provided for a wide variety of  product features, which allows for a quick evaluation of a TDP or cards. Tests can be modified to evaluate specific situations.


Custom Programs


Acroamatics has a wealth of experience in the integration of third party software and hardware, enabling the development of cost-effective acquisition, analysis, simulation, and mission operations telemetry solutions. In addition Acroamatics telemetry components are supported by the software tools of other vendors, including EMC/Data General’s ILIAD, TIMS, and we are constantly working to incorporate various specialized OEM RF and data buss interface products into our standard software toolkit suites..


Standard interfaces included within the Acroamatics ATSS software suite include our own full function Chapter 9 TMATS translator/set-up and our well proven Data Server interface. Seamless use of both TMATS and IADS is planned as we move toward implementation of homogeneous range decom standards and data services/display  solutions which deliver the maximum return on customer human and program capitol investment.



Iliad Lite®

All Acroamatics Telemetry Data Processing system and board level telemetry products (bit syncs, decoms, simulators) support both Acroamatics and ILIAD / ILIAD Lite telemetry processing software solutions, allowing users a choice of tools to match their PCM quick-look and processing needs in single or dual stream TM system configurations.


When combined with the appropriate Acroamatics telemetry processing  front-end solution, ILIAD-Lite allows you to:

   •        Display real-time test data from

            Acroamatics decommutation systems

   •        Analyze/troubleshoot problems

            using IRIG 106 Chapter 10 tools

   •        Validate and process your IRIG 106

             Chapter 10 data using ILIAD's

             Quick-Look feature


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ILIAD Lite’s is a well proven toolset supporting test engineers and technicians with automated tools focused on pre-flight data validation through post-test analysis, using Windows OS based software decommutation and EU processing tools in conjunction with front-end hardware. ILIAD Lite provides for definition and management of telemetry information, maintaining this in a global telemetry information database.

TDP System Setup for Metraplex 770 & 880 (MPXTDP)


MpxTDP uses your Metraplex PCM System Encoder Setup Database to program the Acroamatics TDP System to decommutate and, if the hardware resources are present, process the telemetry data that the encoder system produces.


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