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Acroamatics Diagnostics Utilities CD

This software tool provides a simple to operate GUI to diagnose the complete line of  Acroamatics Telemetry Data Processor Systems and Cards.

Part # 6066003


Acroamatics Telemetry Suite for VME VMIC, V5B & V5C Systems

Telemetry Operation Suite for V5B & V5C based Model 222xV Telemetry Data Processors

Part # 6066004


Acroamatics Telemetry Suite for PCI Systems CD

Telemetry Operation Suite for all PCI based Telemetry Data Processors and cards

Part # 6066005


Acroamatics Best Source Selector CD

Software and documentation for Model 2602 Best Source Selector

Part # 6066006


Acroamatics Bit Synchronizer Control CD

Software and documentation for:

Model 1601P PCI Bit Synchronizer

Model 501V VME Bit Synchronizer

Model 2440V Multi Stream Bit Synchronizer System

Part # 6066008


Acroamatics Remote Suite CD

Remote Real Time Display and Operation Software enables the Telemetry Data Processor and all of it's components to be accessed from any PC located on the network. Data, Status and controls are accessed from the same familiar GUI's that are included in the Telemetry Data Processing Suite.

Part # 6066015


Acroamatics Best Source Selector with Bit Synchronizers CD

Installations and documentation for Model 2603

Part # 6066016


Acroamatics Model 2430V Bit Synchronizer Documentation CD

Standard documentation package for Model 2430V Bit Synchronizer

Part # 6066018


Acroamatics Model 2410V PAS Installation & Documentation CD

Installations and documentation for Model 2410V

Part # 6066020


Acroamatics Model 2760V TFS Installation & Documentation CD

Installations and documentation for Model 2760V

Part # 6066022


Acroamatics Model 2425 DAC Multiplexer Documentation CD

Documentation for Model 2425

Part # 6066023


Acroamatics Model 2680P AGC Data Logging System CD

Installations and Documentation for Model 2680P

Part # 6066024


Acroamatics Model 1626P Multi-Channel Frame Synchronizer CD

Installations and Documentation for Model 1626P

Part # 6066026


Acroamatics Frame Sync Data Logger CD

Installation and Documentation for Frame Sync Data Logger

Part # 6066027


Acroamatics Model 4000 Compact Telemetry System CD

Documentation for Model 4000

Part # 6066028


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